The Station
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Small Investment

Big Reward

(And safer than the stock market!)

Micro-Apartments: A Global Trend

Across most major cities, there has been a booming need for affordable micro-apartments with a great location.  This is our answer to that very profitable  and proven market!

Double Digit ROI and Buy-Back Guarantee!

If you're looking for a secure way to invest, look no further. Once construction is done in maximum 24 months, the developer will buy back your contract plus double digit interest!

Tax-Exempt and can qualify for subsidies. 

If you're a local buyer and you opt to keep the apartment, you can qualify for property tax exoneration and mortgage subsidies through Panama's primary residence and preferential interest programs.

Exclusive Investor Pricing!

Select units available with a discount of over $16,000 USD for cash investors.

The Station

Get in early on the most affordable pre-construction condos available in Central Panama City

Just a block away from the subway!

Contact us now for best availability!

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