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Pre-Sale Property

Premium investment opportunities on city center condos in the heart of the Americas.

1-2 bedroom apartments in the best areas of Panama City at pricing previously thought unobtainable.

For savvy investors, it is a great time to be exploring the international real estate market. There was a time when you could invest in a studio apartment (micro apartment) in bustling city centers like Hong Kong and Singapore for under $100,000. Today, the same apartment can cost $500,000 to $1,000,000.
If you had the same investment opportunity today in Central America (instead of on the other side of the globe),

Would you take it?

The Panama Link is offering pre-sale, city center condos in Panama City starting from $75,000 - $110,000.

This is a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity

Our development partners are focused on an underserved real estate market niche with enormous demand – homebuyers tired of traffic that have long been priced out of living in Panama´s city center, and international investors looking for an affordable initial investment.

We offer location, amenities, and prestige at an amazing price by following a global trend – micro apartments in the most desirable neighborhoods, in buildings with great social areas, amenities, and commercial spaces.

By combining smart floor plans with spacious common areas that include large pools, fully equipped gyms, party rooms, and extras such as co-working spaces, Crossfit rooms, and sky lounges, all for around $150,000.00 our partners have tapped into a formula for financial success. Pre-sales to local investors, who will close with bank financing, are stronger in these projects than in any other.


Large Pool

Fully Equipped Gym

Party Rooms

Co-working Space

Sky Lounge

As part of its formula for continued expansion into this market, the developers have introduced a novel investment idea – sell a small percentage of units in each project to cash investors willing to prepay the units in exchange for substantial discounts.  Investors can now purchase one and two bedroom apartments in the best parts of Panama City starting at just under $75,000.00. You will not find pricing like this anywhere else!

The timing for this purchase is ripe. As land prices continue to surge in Panama, and the need for city center housing keeps growing, the trend towards micro apartments is inevitable. Besides locking in discounts ranging from $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 off what are already the best priced pre-construction projects in Panama City, you will benefit from the significant appreciation potential that comes from investment in a hyper growth economy.

Expats in Panama
Retirees in Panama

Live, Invest, Retire and Do Business in Panama

Panama is considered an attractive destination for expats, retirees, business people, entrepreneurs, and even digital nomads who are calling Panama home for part of the year. Some live in downtown Panama City and some at the beach, some rarely visit Panama, but they all share benefits and incentives the Panamanian government has put in place for investors from all over the world.
Opportunities exist from high-rise luxury condos to micro-apartments, and construction is taking place all over the city.

Business people in Panama
Entrepreneur in Panama

Why Panama?

After a recent visit to Panama, the IMF concluded its trip with a formal statement: “Panama remains one of the most dynamic growing countries in Latin America.” GDP growth in Panama has exceeded that of every other country in the Americas over the last three decades. It’s dollarized economy, stable politics, and strategic location continue to make it a magnet for foreign investment.

Now is the best time to invest in Panama

Thanks to our development partner’s focus on the best real estate market niche, Panama pre-construction and pre-sale projects has never been so affordable.

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