El Cangrejo

Enjoy this international community
surrounded by nature and

unique architecture


The sense of community in El Cangrejo is palpable. Its friendly residents, diverse expatriate population, and welcoming locals create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. The neighborhood's central location provides excellent connectivity to other parts of the city, with convenient public transportation options such as the metro and multiple bus lines and easy access to major highways. Whether you're looking for a lively nightlife, serene green spaces, or a thriving cultural scene, El Cangrejo is a neighborhood that offers it all, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking a place to live that truly captures the essence of Panama City's vibrant spirit.

If you love architecture, you'll love living in this neighborhood. This is one of the areas of Panama that has maintained its modern architecture, with buildings that look straight out of the 50's still in use today. The beautiful tree lined streets offer great walkability, and a wide array of local coffee shops and restaurants await.  One of the most famous streets in El Cangrejo is Via Argentina, which offers international cuisine alongside karaoke bars, Panamanian offerings such as El Trapiche and specialty rum bars, such as Pedro Mandinga, where you can try delicious cocktails after a day out. 

Probably the most important social hub in El Cangrejo, is the Andres Bello park, on Via Argentina. Concerts, farmers markets and many more social activities are often held here, with most of them being completely free. It also offers a dog park, in case you want to take your furry friends and an assortment or local refreshments are constantly on offer. 


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