Supermarket Guide

Get to know the main supermarkets in Panama

One of the main questions people have when they move to Panama is whether or not they'll be able to maintain the lifestyle they are used to, as well as wondering where they might be able to find certain goods. Considering that all supermarkets in Panama are local or regional brands, we wanted to create a Panama supermarket guide to make sure you get a quick idea of what to expect from each of them


Super Xtra

With 46 stores and counting, you'll be able to find a Super Xtra almost anywhere. This supermarket is great for everyday essentials and local options. They offer everything from food, to a small assortment of home goods and a few items of clothing.

El Machetazo

Panama's only hypermarket has 15 stores across the country. This supermarket has the most sections, ranging from electronics such as fridges and TVs, to clothing, a café, pets and produce. They mostly deal with local brands and their own white-label products, but you can almost always find the item you're looking for. They are the only supermarket that is pet-friendly (as far as we know). 

Super 99

This supermarket has 49 stores (30 in the capital).  While not all stores are equally stocked, you'll be sure to find a nice mix of local and international brands. For example, the Super 99 in Punta Pacífica has a good range of premium products, where as the one in San Francisco sticks mostly with the basics.

High end supermarkets in Panama are filled with international goods and will carry most of the brands you're familiar with.

     Riba Smith

Riba Smith is the supermarket that offers the most American-style items in Panama, making it an expat favorite. They carry both local and international brands, so you'll find most of what you're familiar with. They have a nice greenhouse, so you can add some life into your home!

El Rey

El Rey is a supermarket that has an exclusive alliance with El Corte Inglés, a Spanish supermarket chain. This means you'll be able to find ingredients for European style cuisine here. Grupo El Rey has 108 stores across the country, including mini markets under the ZAZ brand and they also own Metro Pharmacies, which are often found inside the supermarkets.

Organica Store

Organic food lover, rejoice! There's a couple of great options in Panama, but the most famous one is Organica. They even offer online shopping and delivery straight to your door, so you don't have to worry about going to one of their 7 stores.

Foodie Market

If you're looking for premium, organic items, you'll also want to take a look at Foodie's selection. They have 5 stores in select locations such as Costa del Este, Punta Paitilla, Ocean Reef, Punta Pacífica and Marbella. Inside Foodie, you can also find a juicery and a cookery!


Panama's alternative to Costco or Sam's Club. Membership here is only $35 USD a year, ad it gets you access to great veggies, everyday items, Kirkland branded items, tyres, an optician, garden items, furniture and electronics! You can also arrange for delivery. This is one of the most beloved destinations in our Panama supermarket guide!

Felipe Motta

Home of premium licor, nice cheeses and great wine, you'll find everything you need to entertain guests here. With 16 stores and great same day delivery, you can always count on Felipe Motta to have a location near major cities. Plus, they offer in-store wine tastings,  frequently host events and you can even get a Wine Box subscription!