Your Panama Guide

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As expats ourselves, we understand that moving to or investing in Panama brings along a

multitude of questions, especially in real estate matters. Here are some of the resources we wish we had when we first came to Panama, from residency requirements to shopping once you're here!

Life in Panama Guide

We want you to be able to imagine your life in Panama

Your Residency Options

Explore the most sought-after residencies favored by our clients. Your desired residency could influence your ideal property, so delve into the diverse requirements for each option by clicking to learn more. 

Picking a Neighborhood

Coming to Panama means relocating to a neighborhood that fits both your lifestyle, your needs and your budget. We're constantly updating this section to let you know the latest on the most popular neighborhoods.

Shopping & Supermarkets

You're going to want to know what's near your new home! And if you're ready to get settled in, we can pin point you to your nearest supermarkets, furnishing stores, malls and more.